Upcoming: Holiday Cigar Party

It’s almost that time! The holidays are fast upon us and we at Jimmy’s Cigar Lounge would like to throw a party in honor of our wonderful patrons who have supported us all year long. So come and join us in celebrating the holiday season with food, a good cigars and great friends.

Party will begin at 6pm on 18 December 2015!

This is not a vendor supported party but we will have specials throughout the evening. Please invite your friends and family to join us!

Please click HERE to RSVP on our Facebook Party Event Page

See You Soon!

Santa on the beach

Santa on the beach

Father’s Day is coming up!

Do you need help finding your Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift? Are you looking to give your spouse or kids an idea of what you really want for Father’s Day? We can help! We have lots of cigar gift options and a brand new My Father gift pack, all at great prices. Stop in or send the kids in and we’ll help make sure Dad gets the best for Father’s Day!


Thank you!

J. Fuego Cigar CompanyOur J. Fuego party was a blast! We had a great time hanging out with our friends and this awesome brand. Jose the Rep was fabulous and the food was great! We really appreciate everyone coming out and supporting us and making this party a great one. We couldn’t do anything at all without you, so


Upcoming Party: AJ Fernandez 24 April 2015




Heads up! Our next party is coming up quickly, April 24, 2015 at 6pm. We will be hosting an AJ Fernandez party. This brand is famous for their San Lotano, New World and Pinolero lines. Come enjoy some old favorites or find a new favorite!

We will be having barbecue, drinks, cigar deals and of course our raffle.

An event has been created on our Facebook page. RSVP and let us know if you’ll be joining us. We’ll save you a seat!

Upcoming Event: Kristoff

1211Coming this February 19th, 2015, Kristoff Cigars! Join us for what is going to be our biggest event yet! Kristoff Executive, Glenn Case, will be joining us along with local businesses and personalities. As always we will be having cigar specials, food and will be serving wine and craft beer for your enjoyment. Keep an eye out for our email update with more information.

We hope to see you there!

The Cordoba & Morales Front 9, Churchill

Jimmy’s Cigars prides itself on being about the experience, and this writer can offer from firsthand experience that it is indeed that.  From the moment you step into Jimmy’s you are met with warm and inviting colors and seating.  The staff is friendly and the Cuban Coffee is superb. You will feel like family.  Just like the Cordoba & Morales family.

“ Córdoba & Morales dates back to 1906 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, in the region of Vuelta Abajo where Celestina Córdoba Morales my grandmother and childhood best friend was born. At a very young age she learned from her ancestors the family secrets in the tobacco fields, everything from sowing the seeds to making an unparalleled and superior cigar. My grandmother passed away in 1989 at 83 years of age but she didn’t leave us… before inspiring and teaching us hands-on how to follow the family tradition. More importantly she cultivated in all of us a love for cigars.”  From the Cordoba &Morales website.

Recently I was approached by Jimmy Files, of Jimmy’s Cigars about writing a cigar blog. I feel honored by this request and I by no means believe that I am the end all be all expert of cigars. What I can offer is my knowledge and experience of 20 years.

May I begin, by saying that everyone has a little different taste pallet; the pallet is affected by the cigar(s) smoked on a regular basis.  What this writer tastes and experiences in a cigar may be totally different from what you the reader may taste and experience.  I encourage everyone to keep a diary of the cigars they smoke. Be sure to include comments such as length, wrapper, smell, and taste; if you are drinking, include comments that will help you remember how the flavor of the drink allowed the flavor of the cigar to sit on your pallet.  Keep in mind these tastes can be greatly impacted based on what you are drinking at the time. In other words, you can smoke a cigar with a glass of wine, and have the taste and experience be very different with a pint of ale.

CigarJimmy’s is the first Cordoba and Morales Cigar Bar, which made the first choice for this blog fairly simple.  The Cordoba & Morales Front 9, Churchill. Cordoba & Morales cigars are made in Estelí, with Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco; the Front 9 uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.  The cigar had a very good construction and feel to it.  The Front 9 was soft to the touch like most Connecticut’s and had the smell to go with it.

The Front 9 has light tan smooth oily wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap firm even light pack and rich wood aroma.   (I must interject; I am not normally a fan of Connecticut cigars).  I was surprised with the amount of strength I was hit with in the first inch of this smoke.  Even more so, I was surprised with how much I was enjoying the flavors of it; there wasn’t the creamy flavor, there were some nutty flavors and lots of pepper, but it was the tobacco and earth that was present in the taste that made a nice complexity.  The burn was sharp with no problems and the ash was

light gray and held for over two inches before falling.  There was lots of smoke, smoke with a fantastic aroma booming from this cigar for the entirety of the smoke.

First light reveals a great draw giving medium bodied flavors of an oily slick earthy tobacco with a long deep finish and good smoke output. The first third shows very mild flavors of a slightly sweet nut on the draw shifting to a generic wood note through the short finish. In finishing the 2nd third, flavors remain unchanged although smoke production and body are up slightly. Burn and draw are perfect

While smoking this cigar this writer paired the smoke with a Warre’s Fine White Port-1670 which added some light fruit flavors to the smoke.  This writer also sipped on a cup of freshly ground Cuban coffee at Jimmy’s which increased the nutty flavor in the smoke. As stated earlier I am not normally a fan of Connecticut wrappers however; there was something about this cigar that was just really good.  If you like medium bodied nutty flavors I would recommend you give this cigar a try.

It's not a Cigar… Its an Event.